Nori and Gifts

Nori and Tea
Gifts which give the Japanese spirit

Tea and Nori (roasted seaweed) are considered excellent gifts in Japan. Japanese people often want to give gifts to people that have helped them in various aspects of life, whether at work, in school, in private life, or on special occasions. Gifts such as these can convey the depths of Japanese spirit. Starting in 1985, Harada began providing tea and nori in gift packages, in particular for use as gifts for guest to funerals. We also produce our own nori products.
Currently, we produce nori not just for gifts, but for general sale and E-commerce as well.


Nori Products
We procure high quality seaweed from throughout Japan, after which we roast and season the nori at our own facilities. We make a wide variety of items, including roasted nori, seasoned nori, and sliced nori.


Ariake Sea Roasted Nori, Supervised by Rokusaburo Michiba

Flavored Nori

Gifts to connect the spirit, and other products

We produce a wide variety of gift packages using tea, nori, and other products according to our customers’ specific wishes.

Matcha flavored ‘karinto’ cookies, a perfect accompaniment to green tea.
・Matcha and Sesame Karinto

Aojiru, Rooibos Tea, and caffeine-free green tea.
Harada also sells and produces healthy tea blends

Fragrant black tea, very popular in gift packages
・Walters Bay 100% Ceylon Tea