From Shizuoka to the world
To the next 100 years

Harada Tea’s 100th anniversary. Delivering both flavor and culture from Shizuoka to Japan and the world.

Yabukita Blend

Beloved and long-selling brand for over 25 years

Harada’s Tea
Tradition and the newest tea products, using tea from all over Japan.

Japanese Coffee
Coffee developed by Japanese tea experts according to Japanese tastes

Items which – like green tea – display the Japanese spirit

Making tea,
starting at the farm

Cultivation with tea farmers around the country, all the way to the final consumer.
Moving Japanese tea making forward, using both traditional methods and the latest technology.

Our Agricultural Organization

Harada Tea was started by farmers. As a tea maker, we take pride in creating safe and delicious tea leaves using our own hands. We also have ties with tea farmers nationwide, through both procurement and technological promotions.

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Superior Quality Control

Since our foundation, we have treated tea as a food product which much be carefully managed to ensure quality and safety. We start with knowledge passed down through the years, but continue by using the newest technology and international standards such as GAP.

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Dependable Production Lines

We procure tea leaves from farmers all over Japan, and process them immediately. Our production lines are speedy and dependable, and we continuously strive to improve safety and cleanliness through automation. Our commitment to delicious tea at affordable prices remains unchanged.

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Diverse Product Development

Our product line starts with our flagship Yabukita Blend line, but extends to special items to highlight specific regional flavors as well as large volume, high quality products for large makers in Japan and abroad. Our development is fast and flexible to keep up with these demands.

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Harada Tea’s original brand, Gen Sou En.
Diverse products and services including tea and coffee.

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