100th Anniversary

In the shadow of Mount Fuji
100 Years of History

The deep flavors, beautiful colors, bountiful scents, and rich umami of Japanese Green Tea. Japanese culture values inspiring happiness and tranquility, and these defining aspects of Japanese tea help us enjoy each special moment.
In order to create these special flavors, we manage every part of the tea production process: from raw leaves harvested at factory owned farms, to refinement facilities, and all the way to final packaging. We are committed to producing safe and reliable goods, according to the highest standards, and using the latest technology.
To meet the large volumes and high demands of major Japanese customers, we have been successful in developing numerous products while maintaining flexibility, speed, safety, and superior quality control.
Harada recently celebrated our 100th anniversary.
Our procurement starts in Shizuoka Prefecture – Japan’s largest tea producing region – and at our company-owned farms, but it extends to tea producing regions all over Japan. The leaves we buy are then processed into a wide variety of products in our advanced factories.
We offer green tea, matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha, as well as oolong tea and black tea. However, we also want to challenge meanings a perceptions of “tea”, with an eye to innovative new drinks and bringing our tea expertise to the greater world stage.

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Tea farm in 1945

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