Dedication to Excellence

Celebrating 100 years of history.
Maintaining flavor, safety, and quality
while pursuing new possibilities for Japanese Tea.


Tea is an item inseparable from Japanese culture and daily life. A cup of tea offers a taste of peace and tranquility. For many years in Shizuoka Prefecture, we have developed our tea making methods with both profound respect for tradition and a sharp focus on the future. We emphasize training of the historical methods and the sharpening our five senses as well as continuous improvements in the latest technology in pursuit of the next generation of tea making. Our procurement network begins at our company-owned farms in Shizuoka, but extends to high quality teas from every tea-producing region in Japan. Using these materials, we make and sell all varieties of tea, including green tea, matcha (powdered green tea), genmaicha (green tea with brown rice), hojicha (roasted green tea), Oolong tea, and black tea. In addition, we develop products and produce raw materials for major food and beverage makers both in Japan and abroad. Celebrating 100 years of history, and striving to provide peace and tranquility – in the form of an exceptional cup of tea – for the next 100 years.


Our Farming Organizations

Exceptional Quality Control

Dependable Production Lines

Diverse Product Development