Japanese Coffee

Coffee for the Japanese market.
As only a tea grower could make it.

Drawing from our 100 years of experience as a tea maker, Harada’s tea masters also display their mastery of roasting in our coffee products.
Using our blending techniques, we have been making coffee for over thirty years, and sell these items in gift packages, stores, and online.
Our “Wa Wa Coffee” line, which debuted in 2019, uses single-origin coffee beans of the highest quality.
The raw coffee beans are sourced from coffee farms managed by Nikkei farmers and designed to resemble traditional Japanese tea gardens.

A coffee blend made from 100 years of Japanese tase

Specialty coffee approved by Q Grader
Wa Wa Coffee

Single Origin Coffee Beans “Wa Wa Coffee”
The concept of the brand is to expand the world of coffee in Japan, and connect all of the members of the world of coffee. This is a coffee with Japanese “Wa”, made by tea maker Gen Sou En from Shizuoka.
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A wide variety of coffee products for Japanese tastes

Ochaya ga Tsukutta Coffee(Regular Coffee)
Deep roast and light roast

Gensouen Original Blend Regular Coffee

Private label and gift production for
regular coffee and drip coffee.