Agricultural Organization and GAP

Founded by farmers.
Cooperating with farmers across the country
to lead the away in advancing tea production.

Harada green tea is made from 100 percent Japanese materials. Beginning with our company owned farms and including partnerships with farmers from all over Japan, we endeavor to produce the highest quality tea leaves. Tea leaves can vary in quality due to changes in weather and even the slightest change in cultivation techniques. In order to produce an even higher quality tea product, we have not only developed cutting edge technologies, but also use these innovations to support our partner tea farmers. We were also early adopters of the safe farming certification GAP. In fact, our Harada farm in Yakushima Island, Kagoshima was the first green tea farm in the world to receive Global GAP and JGAP certification.


Crude tea factory: Steaming process



GAP is a set of certifications which aim to protect both food safety and environmental safety at farms. There are rulebooks for agricultural operations, as well as for fertilizers and pesticides. All of these operations are check and consistently managed. In Japan, JGAP maintains a set of 120 strict standards. Global GAP has 113 member nations from all over the world. Harada Tea is working to promote cooperation with farmers all over the country, and endeavors to support the GAP system as a whole.

February 2017