Harada Green Tea

Tea from Shizuoka, and all over Japan
Traditional methods using the latest technology

Large scale procurement from all over Japan

Harada uses 100 percent Japanese tea leaves. We have strong ties with tea growers all over the country, which allows us to buy a large volume and variety of leaves. Through a combination of traditional methods and the latest technology, as well as strict quality control, we can produce leaves that maintain the same taste and quality year after year. Harada makes products that accentuate the special characteristics of each region, as well as region-specific blends and a variety of products to meet customers’ and partners’ specific needs. Through this process, we can produce delicious, high quality, and dependable tea products.

Tea Farm in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, the home of “fukamushicha” (deep steamed green tea).

Starting in Shizuoka, we procure safe and high quality tea in large volumes throughout Japan.

Techniques passed down for generations.

The tea leaves we procure from each individual area all have specific characteristics. Our highly trained tea masters, sometimes called ‘chashi’, take all of this into account when roasting and blending our tea. We blend tea leaves from different origins, different cultivars, and different levels of steaming to accentuate the positives of each tea and create products with a fine balance. We call the blending process ‘gogumi’. Harada has 100 years of tea experience, and the quality and taste of every product we make is assured to satisfy even the most strict of our tea masters.

A fukamushi tea with 100 years of history

Deep steamed tea from Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture

100 Year Anniversary commemorative product.
Tea raised, processed, and blended under the strict supervision of our tea masters
A high quality deep steamed green tea.
A smooth, deep flavor made to be a higher rank than normal tea.
Easy to prepare with cold-brewing as well for delicious iced tea
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A wide variety of products born from our extensive experience


Tea leaves are steamed, producing the distinct flavor of Japanese green tea. Deep steamed teas intensify this flavor, creating a stronger flavor, color, and body to the tea. This Shizuoka specialty is also perfect for cold-brewing.


Tea leaves and stems are strongly roasted, creating a distinct fragrance. This tea is low in caffeine, so it is also great for children.


Green tea mixed with roasted brown rice, creating a fragrant sweet flavor.

Oolong tea

Partially fermented tea, born in China. Rich in polyphenols, which can help reduce fat absorption even help lose weight. Harada makes oolong tea with Japanese ingredients.


Tea leaves are steamed and ground into powder, for a traditional Japanese specialty. Shizuoka produces matcha using high quality leaves. Nowadays, matcha is not just for drinking, but is also used in a variety of foods and sweets, and has recently picked up popularity in the west. Harada grows our own tea leaves and uses our own production factories, so we can provide matcha products with a unique competitive advantage.