Dependable Production Lines

Flexibility, Speed, and Safety.
Building exceptional factories to serve our customers.

At our 4 factories in Shizuoka Prefecture, we have installed an advanced product management system. We have the flexibility to manage small lots and a wide range of products according to our customers’ specific needs. We use information technology to improve efficiency and offer safe, speedy production at competitive prices. In recent years, there has also been a growing interest in convenient products such as tea bags, bottle drinks, and powdered teas, so we have expanded our capabilities in these areas. In particular, our teabag production capacity is the largest in the country.



Storage to maintain freshness

In order to deliver the freshest possible tea to our customers, out tea leaves are sealed in bags filled with Nitrogen and stored under 10℃ until just before processing. In addition, at our HQ Factory goods are stored in an automated warehouse and transported by an unmanned laser-guided transport, improving all-around efficiency. This ensures speedy deliver and cost savings all around.



To support our goal of creating a superios food safety system, we obtained the FSSC22000 Food Safety Management System certification in June of 2012.



Harada has been committed to ensuring safe and dependable production from the early stages. In August of 2000, we received ISO 9001 certification at out Headquarters, Mukuya, and Kanaya Factories. In 2003, we updated to ISO9001 certification.

ISO9001: Certified in 2015
FSSC22000: Certified

ISO9001:2008、FSSC22000: Certified in 2010

ISO9002 Certification received Nov 12, 2000.
Updated to ISO 9001 on Dec. 4, 2003