Diverse Product Development

Smart and speedy response to every need.
Flexible development capabilities for
products generation.

Four main strengths of Harada product development

In recent years, customer needs have grown increasingly diverse, and the need for speedy product development is more important than ever. Roughly 80 percent of our products are private labels, and Harada produces over 150 different products each year. Using our years of know-how, we can efficiently develop safe and dependable items.

According to the generation, consumer needs, and new trends, we need to be able to respond to our customers’ needs and demands with both sensitivity and flexibility. This includes not only national brands, but specialty region products and high-quality, high volume products for major companies.

Because we can procure large volumes of leaves from all over Japan, we can offer a wide range of product development. This can range from low-cost products to premium regional brands.

Our fully automated systems allow for fast, dependable, and low-cost production.

We can offer safe and dependable products because we strictly monitor every step of the process: raw leaves, production factories, finished products, and every step in between.